Audio Processing

Client Description:

Our client’s company was founded with the goal of building revolutionary audio processing technologies to empower millions of people to hear better in their everyday lives. 


The company aims to build the next generation of hearing technology by tuning the audio to the unique hearing patterns.

Technical Specifications:

  • iOS

  • Core Audio, MediaPlayer, Spotify, Echonest, Core Graphics, Localytics, Flurry, Liftoff, Apptimize, WatchSend, Crashlytics

  • Unfuddle


Project Description:

The main application demonstrates the power of the technology used in future hardware products as an iOS music player. It leverages a 1 minute configuration test as well as the advanced audio processing. 

After the simple setup process the app will learn what types of sounds users have issues with and then tailor the audio output to the user's hearing pattern. 


Project Team:

Romanian Team: 5+ Engineers

Communication Languages: English