Client Description:

Our client provides a scalable and flexible platform that unleashes the potential of mobile teams. We build mobile technology for businesses and organizations that depend on the successful execution of programs and tasks by their employees in the field. 

Our client’s key features help its clients manage their workforce and make informed decisions:

  • create and send tasks in real time to anyone in the field,

  • use rewards and incentives to engage your people,

  • receive real time data and alerts on field activities,

  • choose the branding and scale that’s right for your program and company. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Web: Symfony PHP Framework, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Backbone.js, jQuery

  • iOS: iOS SDK 8, UIKit, CoreData, MapKit, APNS, RestAPI, JSON, AFNetwork

  • Android: Android Support Library v13, Gson Library, apache http client, Google Play services

  • Tools: Pivotal Tracker, JIRA, SVN, GIT


Project Description:

We are developing both the server’s backend and front end for the platform that allows data management: teams and members’ organization, programs and tasks’ creation, reports required by customers and live reporting over the field activities, also the web services required by the mobile apps. 


One important part of our client’s business represents a web UI client that needs to support all mobile client features. The team is organized in 3 engineers for the backend part and 2 engineers on the front end (UI).


The client software for iOS and Android mobile devices is developed by SOFTVISION with teams of 2 developers for each platform. The main features for the mobile app:

  • display the list of tasks organized per teams,

  • display details of tasks and allow the completion of tasks in real time and offline mode,

  • display rankings of different teams and a live teamstream for team activity. 


Synchronization with server data is possible via push notifications or direct access of server data. 


Tasks that are created for users may contain various entries: photo captions, Q&A fields, data entry fields, Poll Forms, email information, location entries via Apple/Google maps. These are all configured via web platform and have various forms based on client’s need.


Project Team:

Romanian Team: 12+ Engineers

Project Duration: 2 years + (long term partnership)

Communication Languages: Romanian, English