Communication Products

Client Description:

Our client creates communication products (text, multimedia), for different type of social networks. 


Their main product, available on iOS and Android, is an application that allows users to send free text messages and make free voice calls to any phone number in the US. 


The application has more than 2 million active users who are regularly sending text messages and making calls. 


Our client is a dinamic company exploring new ideas to make communication apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Technical Specifications:

  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Crashlytics, Facebook, Flurry, Google Analytics, PJSIP, SQL Lite, Core data, ARC, REST API, JSON, GCM, Quartz, Cocos, XML, Manual testing, SOAP UI, Automation testing

  • JIRA with Greenhopper, Confluence, Zephyr

Project Description:

We are developing the client software for iOS, Android and WP mobile devices organized in teams of 2 to 3 developers, 2 to 4 testers. We are usually developing 2 or 3 applications in parallel on all platforms using Scrum methodology. Our products owners are in the customer US headquarter. We interact with designers who define the UI/UX. We work together with backend engineers developing the servers supporting all those users.

Project Team:

Romanian Team: 43+ engineers 

Communication Languages: English