Earnings Pro Athletes

Client Description:

Our  client gives its users the only platform offering securities linked to the earnings generated by a pro athlete’s brand - on and off the field.

Technical Specifications:

  • iOS, Android, FrontEnd, QA Manual, ActionBarShelock, Mixpanel, Flurry, Reachability, RenderScript, EventBus, Grunt, GCD, ARC, JavaScript, Less

  • SQLite

  • Jenkins, JIRA, Sonar, Skype, GitHub

Project Description:

Mobile application that allows you to buy shares, view stock portfolio and and view athletes. 


Important features:

  • Possibility to buy and sell shares for an existing athlete

  • Custom User Interface and screen animations

  • Chart Display for user shares

  • Data synchronization between all clients

  • Push notifications

  • Athlete statistics and personal information display

  • Trading information displayed for all athletes


Project Team:

International Team: 10+ engineers 

Communication Languages: English