Hard Disk Drives

Client Description:

Our client is a world leader in hard disk production and in storage solutions. 


SOFTVISION has been working with this client for more than 5 years and has permanently evolved due to understating of client requests and priorities, professionalism and pro activity of the teams involved in projects.


From videos, music and documents that we share on social networks, to servers, desktop and notebook computers that fuel our personal productivity, the company's products help more people to store, share and protect their valuable digital content.


Technical Specifications:

  • JAVA, Hibernate, Spring, Apache Mina, SL4J, jUnit, MySQL, TestNG, Hibernate Validation

  • JIRA with Greenhopper, Confluence, Sonar, Fisheye

Project Description:

SOFTVISION is developing the Java server side application for a remote access solution, as well as client software for iOS, Android and WinRT mobile devices. 


On the Java server side, the team is working on multiple features at the same time using Scrum methodologies.

Project Team:

Romanian Team: 6-12 Engineers

Communication Languages: English