Client Description:

Our client develops smartphone alternatives that simplify caregiver communication. 

As the only company to offer a comprehensive Mobile Communication Strategy, it enables care teams inside and outside the hospital to access and exchange information securely.

Our client’s customers benefit from a solid smartphone infrastructure that supports their existing systems and expands to accommodate future technologies.

Project Team:

International Team: 50+ Engineers

Communication Languages: English

Project Description:

Applications that help improve communication between hospital staff. Mobile and desktop solutions. 


The application includes three components:

  • voice calls

  • alarm notifications

  • text messaging


Voice calls are placed on the hospital's VoIP system through the hospital's PBX and WiFi system. The alarm notifications are received through integration with hospital systems and devices. Text messages are sent within the application using the contact directory.


Technical Specifications:

  • iOS, Android, QA Manual and QA Automation (Python, Instruments), Angular.js, Javascript, Erlang, TestCase management (TestLink).

  • SQLite

  • Jenkins, Jira, Sonar,  Hip Chat, GIT, BitBucket, Rally