Client Description:

Our client allows people to easily create and send meaningful keepsake communications into the future - to the people they care most about. When video, text or audio messages are sent for future delivery, whether hours, days or even years later, the degree of thoughtfulness usually increases. 


Technical Specifications:

  • Web: PHP, MySql, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone JS, LocalStorage, HTML5, CSS3, Flash, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon FMS, Amazon S3, Facebook SDK, SendGrid API, Stripe API, CloudSponge API

  • iOS: UIKit, CoreGraphics, AddressBook, threading (using gcd), blocks used extensively, push notifications, AVFoundation, MediaPlayer framework, web service consumptions using NSURLConnection and json data parsing,  third party libraries (GPUImage for image and video processing, Facebook iOS SDK, Amazon SDK for file upload/download and storage, MBProgressBar, SDWebImage for image download and caching etc.)

  • Android: Android, SQLite, JIRA, Confluence, SVN (more details upon request )

Project Description:

Capture and share your personal stories, your feelings, secrets, romantic notes, and your travel experiences - stitched together with your favorite photo or video. 


Post your stories in our client‘s public Gallery, or send your life moments to friends and family, delivered on a future date and time.

Project Team:

Romanian Team: 5+ Engineers

Communication Languages: English