Payment Processing

Client Description:

Our client attracts, retains and interacts with customers in a non-traditional way.


They reinvent small businesses and provide merchants with a suite of products and services, including customizable deal campaigns, credit card payment processing capabilities, and point-of-sale solutions that help businesses grow and operate more effectively.


Project Team:

International Team: 200+ Engineers, of which 25+ from SOFTVISION

Communication Languages: English

Project Description:

With our daily deal cross platform application, users can: 

  • Buy and instantly redeem deals

  • Track their puchased vouchers

  • Share deals with friends and family via social media

  • Get the lower prices without settling for bargain products

  • Browse deals from various categories (Travel, Food, Electronics etc.)

  • Consume multiple APIs across multiple platforms.

Having a large user base with millions of daily customers worldwide comes as a result of a professional workflow and dynamic environment.


Technical Specifications:

  • iOS, Android, QA Manual and Automation(Java), UI/UX design

  • Design Patterns, memory management, Foundation, blocks and GCD, Networking, HTTP/HTTPS, debugging, Instruments, RESTful API, multithreading

  • SQLite

  • Jenkins, Jira, TestRail, Basecamp, corporate mail, GitHub, Jabber Video, internal WIKI, Hip Chat