Trip Planner

Client Description:

Our client created the app in October 2006. It was back in the days when online travel booking was still pretty novel. 


As travelers took planning into their own hands, their hands got pretty full, and their lives got pretty frantic. Our client set out to change all that - to bring calm to the chaos. Peace of mind to the panic. And so the world’s easiest travel organizing app was born.


Or client, the leading travel organizer, makes it easy for millions of travelers to organize and share their trips.


It acts like a personal travel assistant that keeps travelers in the know regarding flight status, alternate flights and more. It tracks all frequent traveler points in one place and monitors eligible flights for fare refunds.

Technical Specifications:

  • iOS and Android applications
  • Social networks integration
  • Data persistency & offline data access
  • Automated build tools
  • Agile scrum process
  • Best project management tools
  • Latest libraries and frameworks
  • Manual & Automated QA


Project Description:

The app has the following features:

  • Get all your travel plans in one place

  • Sends real-time alerts for delays, cancellations, and gate changes.

  • Finds you alternate flights with open seats, fast.

  • Tells you when the seat you want becomes available.

  • Keeps track of reward-program points and miles in one spot.

  • Notifies you when you’re eligible for a flight refund.

  • Lets you share itineraries with your inner circle automatically. 


Project Team:

International Team: 50+ Engineers 

Communication Languages: English